Why You Should Care About AgileBlue’s New AI Roll Out: A Letter From Our President

When we started AgileBlue we had two goals:

1. Always obsess over our customers

2. Build an autonomous SecOps platform

#1 is the reason for #2! An autonomous security operations platform is the future of beating hackers. Faster, more precise, autonomous and predictive technology is the only defense to mitigate cyber-attacks before a next-generation breach can take you out.

AI should augment or replace human workflows, not humans. When you work with AgileBlue you get an AI-Powered SecOps platform AND a 24×7 team of cyber engineers who are an extension of your team. This perfect mix will never change.

Consider this, an on-staff team of roughly 12 SOC analysts using legacy technologies like SIEM and EDR can take 60 minutes plus to properly diagnose, triage and respond to an attack. With AI and LLMs a team the quarter of the size can detect and respond in less than 2 minutes, and even in seconds. The future of cyber SecOps involves human engineers supervising and training AI, freeing up their time to tackle the incidents that require critical thinking and manual intervention.

The current SOC/MDR landscape is driven by a reliance on short staffed and overworked humans, siloed applications and multiple vendors, responsible to monitor, triage and respond to every alert. How in the world can humans keep up with the bad guys who are using AI? They can’t, period. The overwhelmingly majority of SMBs and State and Local Governments do not have the in-house security expertise and bandwidth to monitor, detect, and respond to the volume of alerts they are receiving. AgileBlue’s Cerulean platform automates investigations, decisioning and response.

Our AI and LLMs can now:

  • Assist in decision-making with high confidence algorithms
  • Automate case summaries coupled with dynamic task lists offering response recommendations in seconds
  • Autonomously respond to endpoint, network, and cloud attacks
  • Dynamically adjust playbooks
  • Instead of relying on legacy tech, Mixture of Experts (MoE) architecture works in LLMs to distribute the workload among specialized experts

So what have we seen since launch, well it’s been impressive:

  • AI excels at root-cause analysis
  • Consistent and deeper investigations in record time
  • With the ability of AI to read unstructured and structured data we have more correlated data points
  • Huge reduction in Mean Time to Detect and Mean Time to Respond (MTTD and MTTR)
  • Automated Incident Response spans people, process and technology in seconds

Ok, so why should you care:

  • AI is super exciting, but the cost and computational requirements of LLM’s can be a major barrier to entry. AgileBlue has democratized this for all our customers adding this to your current subscription at no additional costs
  • SaaS and MoE architecture offers a game-changing solution for the SMB market to harness the power of AI without breaking your budget
  • You now have an innovative AI technology that can go toe-to-toe against the bad guys AI
  • This leap forward enables efficiencies, accuracy and the confidence to deploy a Security Operations program you can believe in and afford


All the best,

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