Cleveland, Ohio, April 13, 2021 – Donahoe Advisory Group announced today that they have partnered with AgileBlue Security Operations as a Service (SOCaaS), to bring monitored protection to their client base.

Due to increasing threats of hacking and data breaching, companies around the globe are under constant pressure to meet data security objectives. Donahoe Advisory Group assists leaders with managing risk appetite, strategically addressing threats, optimizing people and technical resources, and delivering value and relevant messages to their company, staff, peers, senior leadership and the board. Donahoe Advisory Group selected AgileBlue for its managed service offerings providing advanced security, breach mitigation, and breach response capabilities.

“It’s more important than ever to protect company information assets. Small and medium sized businesses are disproportionately affected by breaches and require a high level of protection against today’s sophisticated attacks. After searching for the right partner, I found that AgileBlue provides some of the best leading-edge orchestration, automation and response capabilities and services,” said Franklin Donahoe, Managing Member of Donahoe Advisory Group.

“AgileBlue helps organizations intelligently assess risk, secure and protect sensitive data, and effectively respond to regulatory requirements,” said Tony Pietrocola, President, AgileBlue.

With the help of AgileBlue, Donahoe Advisory Group can guide clients to reduce their overall risk for their organization while maximizing the return on their Donahoe investments.

About Donahoe Advisory Group
The Donahoe Advisory Group is a team of business and technical partners with deep industry experience and expertise who are passionate about delivering relevant and actionable solutions, assessments, and consulting services. Members and contributors of the group have worked for, and consulted with, government and Fortune 10-1000 global companies.

Gillian Sweny