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March 14th- 20th, 2023

Common Wealth Bank Hack

Cyber-Attack Targets Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Indonesian Branch


Cyber-attacks against Australia have increased recently, with at least eight companies reporting attacks in the last few months. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Indonesian unit, PT Bank Commonwealth, experienced a cyber incident involving unauthorized access to a project management software application. The incident did not affect the bank’s Australian systems, and PTBC services will continue as usual. Although, CBA’s shares dropped approximately 0.9% following the incident.

Source: CNA


Waynesboro, VA Hack

Waynesboro, VA Hit by Cyberattack: 350GB of Stolen Data, Including Police and Staff Information, Posted Online


Waynesboro, VA, experienced a cyber-attack resulting in the theft of 350 gigabytes of data, including police files and staff information, which was then posted online. The attack was conducted by a group called BianLian, known for demanding payment in exchange for stolen data. The city has confirmed the data breach and is working with law enforcement to investigate the incident and assess the extent of the damage. Personal and private information stolen during the attack will be appropriately notified, and resources will be provided to assist those affected. The Waynesboro Police Department has declined to comment on the incident, and City Council members have yet to respond to requests for comment.

Source: News Leader

Barcelona Hospital Breach

Ransomware Attack on Hospital Clinic de Barcelona Leads to Cancellation of 150 Operations and 3,000 Patient Check-Ups


The Hospital Clinic de Barcelona suffered a ransomware attack by the group RansomHouse, which originated outside of Spain, and forced the cancellation of 150 non-urgent operations and up to 3,000 patient check-ups. The ransomware attack shut down the facility’s computers in their emergency room, laboratories, and pharmacies at three main centers and several external clinics. No ransom demand has been made, but payment is unlikely to be made if it is. The attack could have been prevented by basic cyber hygiene, including better security at the perimeter, network segmentation and segregation, a comprehensive patching policy, good egress controls, and a good backup strategy.

Source: Strategic Risk

HDFC Bank Hack


HDFC Bank Hacked, 600k Customers’ Information Leaked


Indian banking and financial service company HDFC Bank has denied reports of a data breach after samples of customers’ personal information were allegedly leaked on the Dark Web. The bank said that its systems had not been breached or accessed unauthorizedly and remained confident in its systems. However, cyber-criminals allegedly posted the data for sale on a popular hacker forum. Several Twitter users reported outages, failed transfers, and scam messages on the official HDFC Bank mobile app. The data allegedly included customers’ full names, email addresses, physical addresses, and sensitive financial data.

Source: Business Standard


U.S. Congress data breach

U.S. Congress Member’s Information Leaked


The online health insurance marketplace for members of Congress and small businesses and residents in Washington, D.C., suffered a data breach that affected over 56,000 customers. The stolen data includes dates of birth, names, Social Security numbers, health plan information, and other PII (personally identifiable information) such as addresses, phone numbers, emails, and citizenship status. The breach was discovered on Monday, and the ongoing investigation—D.C. Health Benefit Exchange Authority has offered affected enrollees three years of identity and credit monitoring. The online health insurance marketplace that was compromised serves around 11,000 members of Congress and their staff of approximately 100,000 employees.

Source: The NY Times


Dole Foods Hack


Dole Foods Hit with Ransomware Attack


Dole Foods was hit by a ransomware attack that disrupted production, which they only became aware of after customers complained on Facebook about their missing favorite salad mix. It is unclear who was responsible or if data was stolen. The attackers shut down Dole’s operations to force them to pay the ransom. The incident highlights the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to cyber-attacks and the importance of having a holistic cyber-resilience strategy. The human element is often the weak link, and organizations must continuously assess and improve their security protocols. 

Source: Government Technology


Cerebral Hack

Mental Health Start-Up Exposes Patient Information 


Cerebral, a California-based mental health startup, mistakenly exposed the personal data of approximately 3.1 million people. The company discovered that tracking pixels had been sharing client and user data with undisclosed “third-party platforms” and “subcontractors” in January, more than three years after using the tracking method. The company said it was unaware of any disclosed protected health information misuse. The breach potentially included answers to online “self-assessments” about mental health, including questions on panic attacks and alcohol abuse. The company has disabled the tracking pixels and stopped sharing data with subcontractors who do not meet HIPAA requirements.

Source: CNN


UNC student information leaked

UNC ‘Human-Error’ Incident Leaks Student Information


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill accidentally mailed out IRS Form 1099s containing the personal information of 1,025 people, including Social Security numbers. The university said “human error,” and a processing issue caused the mistake, and those affected were notified over a month after the discovery. The university is offering credit monitoring and identity theft protection to those affected. The university stated that it had implemented updated processes, technical improvements, and employee training to prevent similar incidents from happening again. So far, there is no indication that any sensitive information has been misused.

Source: WRAL News

Acronis Hack

Swiss Data Protection Firm Acronis Hacked


Swiss data protection firm, Acronis, confirmed that one customer’s account leaked gigabytes of information stolen from the company after being compromised. The hacker boldly stated their motive behind the attack: they were “bored and wanted to humiliate them.” Acronis CISO, Kevin Reed, stated the leaked data appears to come entirely from a single customer’s account and that no other system or credential has been affected. The company has suspended account access for the affected customer and has shared IOCs with its industry partners and law enforcement. Acronis has also clarified that the breach does not impact its products.

Source: Security Week


Zoll data breach

Medical Technology Developer Zoll  Patient Information Compromised


Medical technology developer Zoll Medical is notifying around one million individuals that their personal information may have been compromised in a recent data breach. The breach was identified at the end of January after Zoll discovered unusual activity on its internal network. The compromised information included the date of birth, addresses, names, Social Security numbers, and the individuals who used or were considered for using a Zoll product. Zoll has offered free identity protection services to all impacted individuals and says it does not indicate that the sensitive information was misused. It is unclear what type of cyberattack Zoll fell victim to and whether this is a form of ransomware.

Source: Security Week