We Detect Threats Before You’re Breached

Automated monitoring, so you can rest easy. 

Proven to detect threats faster and more accurately across your entire digital infrastructure and cloud.


Monitoring & Detection


True Positive Confidence Scoring

2 Week

Average Deployment


Machine Learning Technology

No more lying awake, dreading your next breach. Our advanced machine learning detects attacks before they happen. AgileBlue is cyber security that puts you to sleep.

Automated Threat Monitoring

Reacting to threats isn’t our thing; we predict and stop them before they happen. AgileBlue is continuous threat intelligence that your IT team will thank you for.

Advanced Threat Detection

You don’t have time to analyze every risk factor, so we do it for you. AgileBlue monitors every one of your cloud and endpoints faster, with a 95% true positive rate.

A Partner with Power

We’re not called Agile for nothing. Our custom platform learns your network’s unique risks, then monitors, analyzes, and adjusts to keep you secure.

The AgileBlue Difference

Accuracy & Speed

False positive alerts are wasted time and money. We hate that … and so does your IT team. With some of the most advanced machine learning in the industry, we detect the indicators of an attack faster and with a 95% true positivity rate.

The AgileBlue Difference


What good is real-time security if you can’t understand it? We ditch the jargon and cryptic charts. With AgileBlue, you get clear, concise dashboards built to be read at a glance. The faster you can know what’s going on, the faster you can make the right security moves.

The AgileBlue Difference


Monitor the activity you care about, ignore the stuff you don’t. We customize your AgileBlue experience to analyze and detect exactly what you need it to. Our platform includes personalized dashboards, application integrations, and tailored data monitoring.

The AgileBlue Difference


Security is a necessity; outrageous costs are not. We built a pricing model that will actually make your CFO happy. We work with you to put together the service suite that you need, and then lock in a fixed monthly cost. No expensive surprises.

For us to build an internal SOC team operating at a high level 24X7X365 would cost over $500K per year. We cannot afford that. The AgileBlue SOC-as-a-Service is our 24X7 proxy cyber team and our CFO appreciates it.

500 Bed Hospital,     Chief Information Officer

We began migrating our networks and mission critical applications to the cloud in a serverless architecture. AgileBlue’s SOC-as-a-Service makes me feel at ease because their technology protects all attack surfaces including on-prem, cloud and our branch offices.

Mid-size Financial Institution,     Chief Technology Officer

We used another SOC-as-a-Service and their technology was bulky with appliances that did not meet the needs of our hybrid cloud/on-prem infrastructure. AgileBlue’s technology is modern, portable and completely protects our unique and distributed infrastructure.

Mid-size Retailer,     Chief Information Security Officer

We’re ready to help. Really.

Automation is for threat detection, not customer service. With us, you’ll get consistent update meetings, one-on-one support, and quick access to real people whenever you need them.

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