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Updated FTC Safeguards and How Your Dealership Can Comply

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With the new FTC Safeguards in place, it is critical for car dealerships to understand how these amendments may apply to their dealership before renewing or signing a new contract with a data security vendor. In this Agile Takes, we are joined by John Zwerneman from Mosaic Compliance Services to discuss what you need to do to comply with the FTC Safeguards Rule.

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Cybersecurity- A Global Challenge

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly prominent at major gatherings of senior officials. It’s safe to say that establishing an effective cybersecurity program can be a major challenge for businesses regardless of industry, company size, geography, etc. We discuss how to build a cyber strategy for your organization and what we should be doing to reduce the global cybersecurity challenge. 

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Specializing in Offensive Security: Do You Have What It Takes?

In this episode we are joined by, Certified Ethical Hacker, Jason Hill to discuss careers in offensive cybersecurity, as well as the biggest misconceptions of the industry.



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How To Recover After Your Organization Experiences a Data Breach

This episode we are joined by Paul Rizk, President of Electronic Design Group to discuss how you can decrease your risk of cyberattack and how to recover if your organization experiences a data breach.



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The Myths of Cybersecurity and Seeking the Truth

Is Cybersecurity a myth? Many organizations may think they are invincible to cyber threats, but are they truly? This episode we are joined by Mike Crandall, CEO of Digital Beachhead to discuss whether organizations should altar how they approach the term “cybersecurity”.



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Effectively Filling Cybersecurity Gaps In Your Organization

Many organizations are starting to build a cybersecurity strategy as cybercrime is on the rise. Stephen Hill, Chief Technology Officer at CommuniCloud, joins us to discuss evaluating cybersecurity landscapes, identifying gaps within plans and steps organizations can take to effectively fill these gaps and monitor ongoing issues.

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Why Law Firms are Prime Targets for Cybercriminals 

Law firms have been hit with cyber-attacks in recent months and the numbers are continuing to increase. In our latest episode we are joined by guest Scott Randall, CEO of Advanced Legal, a technology company specializing in legal IT for law firms. Scott sits down with us to discuss best practices and recommendations for law firms to keep their confidential data safe. 

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What Widespread Cyberattacks Mean for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Cyberattacks are damaging to any business, especially small & mid-sized organizations. Chris Pearce, Chief Operating Officer at DB Results, joins us to discuss how organizations can recover from cyberattacks and strategies they can use to prevent future cybersecurity issues.

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Cybersecurity Weak Spot for Online Retailers

As retail has rapidly grown online, many cybersecurity challenges and weak spots have started to progress. Brandon Bergum, an IT consultant from Accellis Technology Group, joins us to uncover some of the major gaps in online retail cybersecurity and reviews how these businesses can remain secure.

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Understanding the Subtleties Between Cybersecurity and Governance

Organizations in all industries have seen a spike in cyber threats this past year. Mike Krafton, Vice President at Discover Modus, joins us to discuss how governance plays a role in cybersecurity for all organizations and if companies are adequately addressing their cybersecurity concerns.

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New Ransomware Resource From MITRE Hopes to Help Healthcare Providers

Earlier this year, MITRE released new ransomware resources that hope to help healthcare providers of all sizes. Gary Pritts, President of Eagle Consulting Partners, joins us to discuss how providers can leverage these resources and create a cybersecurity plan that keeps their patients and data safe from hackers.

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How Fintech and Paytech Companies Stay Secure

The fintech space has drastically grown over the past few years, which has led to more cybersecurity concerns. Massimo Barone, Fintech and Paytech expert and entrepreneur, joins us to discuss the future of cybersecurity in the industry and how experts can fill any current cyber skills gaps.

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Eliminating Cybersecurity Blind Spots

Companies of all sizes have fallen victim to cyberattacks, however small & mid-sized organization’s are usually impacted the most by these incidents. We are joined by Elias Stucky, Director of Engineering and Security at Upward Technology, to discuss how SMB’s can reduce their risk of experiencing a cyberattack. 

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Important Topics to Address in Cybersecurity

When it comes to password attacks, cyber criminals have started using new, smarter methods of brute force attack. With password attacks becoming more sophisticated, we discuss the importance for companies to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA). Additionally, we get an experts weigh in on paying the ransom or not paying the ransom. 

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Cybersecurity Best Practices You Can Implement Today

There are many cybersecurity best practices that need to be addressed, but where do you start? Lisa Copley, Sales Director at Microtechs, joins us to discuss a good place to start with your cybersecurity strategy and the resources you can start using today to begin your implementation.

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