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Check out our most recent video testimonial featuring John Zwerneman of Mosaic Cyber Security. In this video, he delves into the obstacles they faced prior to teaming up with AgileBlue, the positive impact our collaboration has had on addressing these challenges, and the remarkable achievements they’ve experienced since joining forces with us. Watch now!

Automation is the Key of the Modern SOC + XDR Platform 

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AgileBlue’s 5 steps + 3 keys for cyber resilience and SOC efficiencies to transform security operations in combating advanced cyber-attacks. Within this whitepaper you will learn about the challenges for SOC in a future digitized and AI world, transitioning to cyber resilience, as well as the aforementioned 5 steps to achieving future SOC efficiencies and 3 keys for a successful SOC transformation. 

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    AgileBlue Launches AI-Powered SecOps Platform

    CLEVELAND, OH, May 14, 2024 -- AgileBlue, the innovators behind the Cerulean AI SecOps platform, proudly unveil their latest version, introducing cutting-edge intelligent automation and autonomous response capabilities. This advancement fortifies their leading...

    Zero-Trust Architecture: Implementation and Challenges

    Zero-Trust Architecture: Implementation and Challenges

    Globally, today’s organizations are increasingly vulnerable to a wide array of cybersecurity threats. These range from sophisticated phishing schemes to aggressive ransomware attacks, underscoring the urgent need for more effective security frameworks. Among the most...

    Tailoring Cybersecurity Measures for Different Industries

    Tailoring Cybersecurity Measures for Different Industries

    The digital transformation of businesses, coupled with the increasing interconnectedness of IoT devices and reliance on digital data storage, has significantly heightened vulnerabilities to cyber threats. Industries that manage and store sensitive data are finding...

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