State and Local Government Organizations

You work in government IT – that’s a big deal. Learn more about how AgileBlue helps government organizations detect, flag and prevent security breaches. 

You Can’t Afford To Be An Easy Target

Government organizations are high-profile targets, but AgileBlue won’t let you be an easy one. Your team needs a SOC|XDR platform that can detect, flag, and prevent the threats that are most real to you. That’s where we come in.

The AgileBlue Cerulean platform is the perfect choice for state and local government organizations looking to stay on top of their cybersecurity needs. Our Cerulean platform is specifically designed to detect cyber threats before your SLED organization is breached, allowing you to sleep at night knowing your data and networks are being monitored. Our platform is scalable and customizable, so you can customize it to fit your unique needs.

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Far-Reaching Threat Intelligence

Expanded, Cloud-Capable, Human-Proof

Every End Point Counts

Your desktop? Check. The weekend laptop? Check. The government-issued cell phone that’s glued to your palm? Check. More devices shouldn’t equal more risk. AgileBlue has eyes on all your endpoints.

Go Ahead and Go Remote

Weak security standards for remote workers used to be an invitation for threat. But AgileBlue’s head is already in the cloud, so our protection goes where the work takes you.

Agile For Your Accidents

Your team is human, which means accidents might happen. AgileBlue adapts to the unique behaviors of your workforce, detecting indicators of an attack before they take hold.

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AgileBlue + SLCGP

The State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP) has become a game changer for government agencies that have previously fallen short on their cybersecurity programs due to budget constraints. Your work is too important for patchwork security systems that can only cover the basics.

AgileBlue will help your IT team close the gap, so that even when threats adapt and grow, you’re still looking at them in the rearview mirror. Our dashboard will give you visibility into the real threats that are targeting your governments critical operations, sensitive information, economic well-being, and public safety. But we don’t just flag alerts and call it a day. After the machines do their job, we stick around to help you act!

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