AgileBlue Reveals Generative AI Chatbot, Sapphire, and New SOAR Capabilities

CLEVELAND, Ohio, October 3, 2023 — AgileBlue, a trusted leader in AI-enabled cybersecurity SOC and SOAR solutions, announced today the launch of Sapphire, its generative AI support chatbot designed to augment the role of SOC analysts, in its Cerulean platform. Further, the company also announced several enhancements to Cerulean’s SOAR platform for faster responses against today’s evolving threat landscape.

Sapphire, named for its elevated hue of blue, enables organizations – and the channel partners and MSPs that support them – to automate and streamline tasks such as installations and threat intelligence while freeing up SOC analysts to focus on escalated investigations that could be more detrimental to the business and as a result require more human-led attention. Additionally, new features added to Cerulean’s SOAR platform include updated automation to block IP addresses and disable active directory accounts as well as an AI-driven dynamic playbook to respond to anomalous activity before a breach occurs. Together, these new features guarantee organizations a more effective and impactful cybersecurity posture.

“Limited security resources coupled with today’s sophisticated threat landscape has put massive amounts of pressure on organizations’ cybersecurity teams,” said Tony Pietrocola, President at AgileBlue. “Sapphire, along with the additional enhancements we’ve made to Cerulean AI-enabled SOAR, will provide security teams with a more robust and automated response strategy spanning people, process and technology.” 

AI-powered solutions, like AgileBlue’s Sapphire chatbot and Cerulean platform, drive faster root cause analysis, the ability to adapt to cyberattacks in real time, and lead to more consistent and deeper investigations. AgileBlue’s Sapphire chatbot is currently available and the remaining SOAR capabilities will continue to be launched throughout the end of the year.

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About AgileBlue
AgileBlue is a global AI-enabled Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) platform that’s proven to detect cyber threats faster and more accurately across entire digital infrastructures and clouds. The company provides 24×7 monitoring, detection, and response to cyber threats. AgileBlue’s tech is intelligent and automated, but it takes a custom approach for every client, analyzing and detecting exactly what is needed. The products are 100% cloud-based including advanced machine learning and user behavior analytics backed by a team of cyber experts.

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