API Security Monitoring
24/7 Monitoring & Detection of Your APIs and Your Systems That Rely on it

A safeguard you simply cannot ignore

By utilizing AgileBlue’s API security monitoring for your systems and data you never need to let down your guard. Our API security monitoring tool leverages the power of three key technologies: behavior analysis, threat intelligence and machine learning algorithms. By embracing our effective API security monitoring, you can stay vigilant against any potential dangers, guarding sensitive information from harm while also meeting all the necessary regulatory requirements along the way.

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What is API security monitoring?

API security monitoring is the process of actively monitoring and analyzing the activity and behavior of application programming interfaces (APIs) to identify and respond to security threats or attacks. It involves using various tools and techniques to detect anomalous behavior or suspicious activity on an API and mitigate the risks associated with unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security incidents.


Increase Security, Reduce Harm

Early Detection

Stay one step ahead of malicious entities and catch threats before they do real damage. Timely action helps minimize the impact of these incidents so that you remain safe from any serious trouble.

Enhanced Visibility

AgileBlue’s API security monitoring provides an eagle-eye view into your traffic and usage, giving you a full understanding of potential risks that can’t be seen with the naked eye. This insight not only informs better policy decisions but also strengthens overall cybersecurity protection.

Improved Compliance

Keeping up with compliance can be tricky. AgileBlue’s API security monitoring helps keep regulation requirements in check! From GDPR to HIPAA and PCI DSS, your organization is covered. Security threats don’t stand a chance.

Detect Everything. Trust Nothing.

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