Azure Security Monitoring

Seamless Integrations with Microsoft Azure

AgileBlue has a direct and streamlined API integration with Microsoft Azure, which enables ultra-fast event gathering and monitoring of log events. Quickly uncover suspicious activities like brute force attacks on a user login, unexpected infrastructure creations / deletions, or high alert density from a particular resource group.

With our built-in API we can correlate cloud-based data with data from on-premises sources (such as Active Directory) to add entity context information and analyze the end-to-end activities of users. This includes a tightly coupled correlated integration between multiple Microsoft Azure components, collecting data from Microsoft Office 365.

Detect Threats Before It’s Too Late

  • Monitor user activity, sign-ins, and audit logs via Azure Event Hubs.
  • Recognize sensitive data movement along with suspicious login activity.
  • Monitor unauthorized and/or unexpected activities.
  • Catch privilege misuse or compromise within organizations.
  • Detect unauthorized sharing and data exfiltration.
  • Spot suspicious login attempts by location
  • Uncover brute force login attempts to Office 365

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