How SOC-as-a-Service Detects Ransomware 28% Faster

Advanced threats including polymorphic malware and ransomware require modern technology to evolve and detect quickly. A SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) can get you up and running in a few weeks at a realistic fixed monthly cost (not a variable cost). A SOC includes 24X7 monitoring and alerting, a team of dedicated cybersecurity experts, and a cloud-based SIEM to perform network and endpoint threat monitoring, detection and response.
Malicious attackers are driven by monetary gain, thats it, they are this generations bank robbers of the past. But they are very smart and constantly evolving their techniques to gain access to your mission critical networks and confidential data. SOCaaS enables IT teams and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) to move quickly, efficiently and, more importantly, to diagnose the malicious intent correctly. Here are 5 best practices to help you think about adding SOC-as-a-Service:
1. Complete Visibility of all Assets: Security Enables the Organization, Visibility Means Success: 73% of organizations admit to having an end-user device visibility gap, citing lack of inventory and activity visibility, while 68% admit to experiencing multiple, serious incidents, like data breaches involving end-user devices (according to Gartner). Good visibility of a company’s infrastructure, user behavior, and sensitive data reduces cyber risk. Companies that rely on their time strapped IT teams cannot monitor this 24X7. SOC-as-a-Service increases visibility to 100%, drastically reduces false alarms and can respond to threats before they materialize.
2. Employ defense: Assume each layer can be breached so don’t trust a single solution. It is imperative to develop a multi-layered threat detection and response capabilities for your most mission critical and confidential data.

3. Machine Learning Detects The Anomalous: Modern SOCaaS has developed innovative machine learning to detect anomalous behaviors for both devices and human behaviors. ML helps to quickly determine uncommon processes and behaviors and help forecast when malicious activity is ahead.
4. A cloud-based SIEM: A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform ingests and correlates network and security logs to identify suspicious activity for additional investigation. When SIEM and Machine Learning user/device behavior analytics are combined it becomes very easy to pinpoint anomalous behavior.
5. Monitor the MITRE ATT&CK Chain and Block Proactively: Modern SOCaaS should align by being able to identify global knowledge bases of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations of cyber attacks. By understanding history and aligning under known tactics we can proactively block hidden files, actions, requests, etc before they detonate.
In summary, a SOC-as-a-service enables companies to address security gaps that result in the cyber attacks. Using a SOCaaS gives companies complete centralized visibility into their networks’ security and the ability to leverage existing point products and security investments. The time for companies to make strategic security improvements is now. Effective cybersecurity makes companies more prepared, more resilient, and better protected so that they can continue to fulfill their obligations and represent the needs of their customers.

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