How to Elevate Your Cybersecurity in 2021

Elevating Your Cybersecurity can Save Your Business from a Cyberattack

Cyber threats are constantly evolving as hackers continue to launch new schemes and updated code into the dark web. Remote work and cloud integrations are becoming more common in organizations and it’s critical that your network, devices, and data are safe from cyber criminals. Elevating your cybersecurity doesn’t have to be complicated. Implementing routine practices and new technology can be the difference between a secure work environment and a devastating cyberattack.

It can be challenging for IT teams to decide how to get started when improving cybersecurity. To help teams in any industry get started, we’ve compiled five accessible practices that will elevate organization cybersecurity and help businesses focus more on their goals.

  1. Threat Assessments – Threat assessments are a practice that can transform your IT team’s cybersecurity strategy and strength. Implementing routine threat assessments gives teams the opportunity to identify where and what kinds of threats are the largest towards your company. With this updated knowledge, experts can implement strategies to protect organization networks and data. It’s important to note that threat assessments aren’t finished after two or three times. They should be an indefinite part of a cybersecurity plan so that new threats, gaps, and system weaknesses don’t go unnoticed.


  1. Create a Cybersecurity Culture – Implementing cybersecurity training and updates is a helpful way to have the whole organization involved in cybersecurity strategy. For example, IT teams can host cybersecurity drills and send out practice phishing emails to all employees monthly or quarterly. These practices help employees learn how to identify and respond to future cyberthreats. IT teams should also be responsible for updating employees on any major cybersecurity changes, such as cloud integrations or multi-factor authentication when signing into corporate accounts.  


  1. Cyber Audits – Identifying weaknesses in your organization’s network, applications, and devices is a powerful step towards creating a secure virtual environment. Routine cyber audits help to spot any gaps in the system that hackers may use to gain access to your network. They also provide an opportunity for IT teams to re-evaluate their efforts and goals surrounding cybersecurity and other areas. By making cyber audits and threat assessments routine practices, cyberthreats can be easily identified before it’s too late.


  1. Cloud Adoption – In the event of a data breach or cyber attack, a company can be devastated if their data and finances are impacted, and they don’t have back ups of the information stored elsewhere. Cloud storage offers the safety and accessibility companies need to store data, revenue, and customer information. Cybersecurity measures in the cloud include encryption, authentication, etc. IT teams can add additional security measures as well to ensure there are no gaps in the storage.


  1. Invest in a SOC-as-a-Service – Investing in a SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) can transform the cybersecurity of an organization and give your IT team the opportunity to focus on other company needs. A SOCaaS monitors your network 24/7 and only detects valid cyber threats so IT teams no longer need to constantly worry about a potential data breach. At AgileBlue, we value the automation, visibility, and confidence of our SOCaaS, and we can’t wait to help you with your cybersecurity. Schedule a demo with us today!


Written by Gillian Sweny

Gillian is Director of Marketing at AgileBlue with over 13 years of experience in the marketing industry. Gillian resides in Cleveland, OH with her husband and 3-year-old son.

April 29, 2021

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