The popularity of telehealth has skyrocketed in last two years due to rapidly developing technology and the rise of the pandemic. In response to growing security concerns surrounding telehealth, the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council (HSCC) has developed over 10 cybersecurity resources and guides for healthcare providers. Most recently, they released a list of assessments and mitigation techniques entitled Health Industry Cybersecurity – Securing Telehealth and Telemedicine. With the telehealth industry expected to grow exponentially in the next few years, these guides are a valuable resource for senior health provider executives, IT executives, and other big decision makers in the telehealth industry.

The new guide highlights potential cybersecurity risks and system management techniques. In addition, it offers recommendations for implementation and maintenance of telehealth programs. Additional cyber-guidance includes best practices, compliance and policy advice, and potential cyber risks. While this guide is very extensive, cyber risks are constantly evolving so updates may be made in the future. There currently isn’t a federal agency dedicated to regulating the telehealth industry so these guides in addition to following HIPAA security standards are essential to healthcare providers. 

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