New Year, No Fear: Your Must-Have Resolutions for a Cyber-Safe 2024

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As we step into a new year, safeguarding our sensitive data has never been more crucial. The digital landscape is riddled with cyber threats that directly impact our personal information, financial assets, and overall security. 

Cybersecurity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the armor shielding us from potential harm. Now, envision your New Year resolutions extending beyond the traditional health or career goals – let’s prioritize resolutions that fortify and protect your personal data. 

Reflecting on 2023 Attack Trends

You guessed it…in 2023, threat actors were up to their old tricks. If you’ve got precious data to guard (which you certainly do), consider it officially on their radar. According to NordLayer, the attack types bolded below,  were the most common attack methods utilized in 2023. 

Among the prevalent tactics used by hackers in 2023, were phishing attacks—where deceptive emails or messages tricked users into divulging sensitive information such as passwords or financial details. Phishing remains a pervasive threat due to its ability to exploit human vulnerabilities, making awareness and education crucial in safeguarding against such attacks. 

Ransomware attacks also surged in 2023, with cybercriminals employing malicious software to encrypt files on individuals’ systems. Subsequently, they demanded a ransom for the release of the data. Individuals faced the potential loss of personal and irreplaceable files, highlighting the critical need for better cybersecurity measures and data backup strategies.

Spyware and viruses continued to threaten cybersecurity landscapes, infiltrating systems to monitor activities, steal information, or disrupt operations. Malware, a broad category encompassing various malicious software types, remained a versatile tool for cyber attackers.

Man-in-the-middle attacks, SQL injections, DDoS attacks, Zero-day exploits, DNS tunneling, and XSS attacks showcased the evolving sophistication of cyber threats. These tactics targeted vulnerabilities in network communications, databases, and web applications, exploiting weaknesses for unauthorized access, data breaches, or service disruptions. 


Practical Cyber-Safe Resolutions for 2024:

Listen– waiting for a cyber attack is like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. So, let’s not wait for our personal cybersecurity to become a priority only after we’ve suffered an attack. Below we’ve put together practical, actionable steps to implement today to head into 2024 with better security for your personal data. 


Rock-Solid Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

Yeah, yeah, we get it – you’ve probably heard this spiel, but it’s the unsung hero of cybersecurity. Create strong, unique passwords and throw in MFA when you can. It’s the extra armor your accounts deserve.


Keep Things Fresh – Update Software Like a Pro:

We know, it’s not the most exciting task, but ensuring your operating systems and apps are up-to-date is your secret weapon. Cybercriminals are like history buffs – they love exploiting outdated stuff.


Phishing Radar On – Beware of the Sneaky Fish:

Yes,  phishing is still a thing. Watch out for fishy emails, messages, and links. Don’t take the bait – verify requests for personal info like a seasoned detective.


Backup, Backup, Backup: 

Ransomware’s the party crasher no one invited. Be the host with the most – regularly backup your important files. It’s like a digital insurance policy for when the unexpected hits.


Defend with Reliable Security Software: 

Antivirus and anti-malware are like your personal cybersecurity detail for your devices. Install them, keep them fresh, and let them do their thing – scanning for and kicking out potential threats.


Fort Knox Wi-Fi:

Your Wi-Fi password isn’t just for show – make it strong. Public Wi-Fi? It’s like a crowded street; be cautious. Think about a VPN – your very own invisibility cloak for added security.


Wallet Watch – Monitor Financial Statements:

Let’s be real, we all swipe our cards as much as we leave the house. Regularly check your bank statements for unexpected transactions. Spot something fishy? Swift action is your best move.


Social Media Wisdom:

We all overshare sometimes, right? Dial it back a bit. If you’re regularly sharing personal information, you will become the ideal target for attackers, who are looking to employ social engineering attacks or steal your identity. Adjust those privacy settings – control who gets the VIP pass to your digital life.


Privacy Check – Regularly Review Settings:

It’s like spring cleaning for your online life. Take a moment to review and tweak your privacy settings. Make sure you’re comfortable with who’s reading your digital diary.


The Cherry on Top: Establishing a Routine for Monitoring Cybersecurity Measures

Just like you’d regularly check in on your home security system, keeping tabs on your digital security is equally crucial.  Set a schedule to review your security protocols, making sure everything is shipshape and up to date. Whether it’s the latest software patches or the occasional password refresh, staying on top of these routine check-ins can make all the difference. Think of it as giving your digital fortress a regular health check – because a proactive approach is the best defense against those cyber surprises that might be lurking around the corner. 

Let’s make monitoring cybersecurity a habit, ensuring your online world stays rock-solid and ready for whatever comes its way.

Wishing you a cyber-secure 2024 and a happy New Year!

Written by Samantha Parker

Samantha Parker is a Partner Marketing Specialist at AgileBlue. She is a proud graduate of Kent State University. Samantha currently serves part-time as a soldier in the Army National Guard.

December 26, 2023

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