Shadow Code Concerns Grow Ahead of Holiday Season

With the rise of covid-19 e-commerce has become a vital to consumers who are unable to go to brick and mortar stores. While the holiday season is typically a busy time of year for e-commerce, it is even more important this year as more people begin to shop online. But as retailers update their websites to meet the demands and capacity of their customers, it is important that security measures are still taken.
Shadow Code and JavaScript libraries are typically great time saving resources for developers to use. But they should be cautious of the code they are implementing into their websites as credit card skimmers and hackers are well aware of the potential e-commerce vulnerabilities that could arise this holiday season. Black Friday has been a notorious day for cyber criminals who will use credit card and account information during the largest rush of the year in retail. As developers make the final updates to retailer websites before the impending holiday rush, they should keep in mind that cybercriminals are planning their attacks.
While there are risks to using Shadow Code, it is necessary to developers who may have tight deadlines and need to implement new features into their websites. By implementing security practices like using a security technology company to monitor potential threats and utilizing services that scan code for malicious behavior, developers can feel reassured that their website is prepared in the event of an attack. To learn more about how Shadow Code is used and its potential risk for the upcoming season read here.

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