SOC, MDR, and SOAR Have to be a Fixed Price… Right?

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If you are like me and are responsible for budgets or perhaps get yelled at over the budgets you approve, do you get cold sweats before you look at an invoice from AWS, Azure, or other platform providers with usage-based pricing models? To be candid, it’s the wild west. Usage can seem fairly consistent, but costs vary from month-to-month. Further, as we all try to navigate what appears to be a manic macro-economic environment, fixed pricing is the only way to forecast costs confidently.

So, you want to partner with a managed security provider for SOC, XDR, and SOAR. The prevailing models can be based on usage, log ingestion, or other variable models. These models keep you on edge and have you constantly playing games with the types of devices you are protecting to keep costs in check. Even if you use a general rule of thumb that the average endpoint produces about 125MB of data per day, servers are much more, and network devices and cloud platforms are extremely noisy and create large data ingestion sets. Managing this process and understanding your monthly spending can be a job in itself.

AgileBlue believes you can protect your entire digital infrastructure 24/7 and know precisely what your costs are month over month and year over year. This is not hard; it takes working with a solid, reputable, managed security partner who truly obsesses over their customers’ needs and not just their bottom line. For example, you should work with a provider that offers a per-log emitting device cost for endpoints, servers, and network devices. Next, a provider that offers a flat monthly fee to monitor AWS, Azure, GCP, or O365. Finally, the vendor will give you a percent variance before increasing costs. So, let’s say you have 1,000 devices and are paying $10 per month per device. Your cost should be easy to figure out. With a 10% variance, even if you have 1,050 or 1,097 devices, you still pay the same monthly fee until you exceed the buffer. This is the way business should be! This true partnership gives you the flexibility to secure your business and be 100% confident in your monthly cost.

Security shouldn’t be a compromise, and your budget shouldn’t be an issue. AgileBlue’s SOC|XDR pricing model will leave you feeling reassured, as monthly costs are fixed. No tricks and no expensive surprises. Fill out the form below to speak with one of our team members about what AgileBlue can do for you.


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