Cyber threats have grown tremendously more sophisticated and with a global cyber talent shortage and rising costs automation is the only key to a successful SOC.
Security Operations Centers (SOCs) play a critical role in helping companies of all sizes strive to protect their digital networks, cloud, endpoints, and confidential data from cyber threats. Poneman recently reported 51 percent of CIO/CISO Survey respondents believe the return on investment (ROI) of their INTERNAL SOC is getting worse, not better. Increasingly complex security management, high staff turnover, and growing operational costs are adding to the perception that SOCs are not delivering enough value.
This is where an Autonomous SOC-as-a-Service alleviates these problems. By reducing alert overload and eliminating 3 layers of manual, mundane tasks, automation helps reduce security engineering costs, boost SOC performance and alleviate some of the workload from overburdened analysts. SOC-as-a-Service will continue to be critically important to protect companies from threats. At the same time, the acceleration of digital business requires efficiency, speed, and instrumentation. Companies that don’t focus on efficiency, efficacy, and technology automation will be breached and suffer expensive and debilitating consequences. Discover how a SOC-as-a-Service can become your 24/7 eyes and years and detect indicators of attack before you are breached. Schedule a demo of AgileBlue today.