Top December 2022 Cyber-Attacks

December biggest cyber attacks


It’s the end of December 2022, and the numbers are in– below is a list of the most malicious cyber-attacks over the past month.


As reported by Kon Briefing, cyber-attacks have affected more than 30 countries worldwide this month, with an estimated 56 breaches reported this past month. We’ve detailed 7 of the most malicious cyber-attacks globally from December 2022.



French Healthcare Hit with Latest in Series of Attacks

In early December, a major hospital complex in Versailles, France, was hit with a crippling cyber-attack, forcing the hospital to cancel operations and transfer patients. The attack follows a long string of attacks on healthcare providers in France, one notably where a ransom of 10 million dollars was demanded from a hospital. In this most recent attack on a French hospital, an undisclosed ransom amount was given after the hospital’s communications, internet, and computer systems had been cut off. The hospital later released a statement that they do not intend to pay the ransom asked.

Via: RFI


$9.9 Million Stolen from BitKeep Crypto Wallet

Singapore-based BitKeep, a decentralized multi-chain crypto wallet, was the target of an attack on December 26th, where over 9.9 million dollars of their digital assets were stolen. According to Kevin Como, CEO of BitKeep, the attack included a malicious code being implanted into the Android app package file, which was uploaded on the BitKeep website, allowing the threat actor to gain access to users’ information and steal their cash. To stop the attacks, BitKeep was able to trace the wallet address used in the attack and freeze a portion of the stolen assets.

Via: Information Security Buzz


‘NoName’ Hacker Group DDoS Attack on Italian Institutions

Self-titled, pro-Russian hacker group- ‘NoName’ released their latest attack on large Italian institutions just this month. The group has claimed responsibility for a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in which nine of Italy’s military e-learning system portals were made inaccessible. This latest attack comes just weeks after an attack carried out by the group targeted the Italian Ministry of Agriculture’s website.

Via: Wired


Cyber-Attack Hits NYC’s Prominent Metropolitan Opera House

An unknown threat actor hacked into Met Opera’s network systems, affecting their box office, website, and call center, impeding the opera house’s ability to sell tickets through their systems for eight days. The Met Opera’s network systems were completely restored on December 15th, although the threat actor is still unknown. The nearby Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts was able to host ticket sales on behalf of the opera house while systems were being restored.

Via: InformationWeek and MetOpera


Crypto Mining Tool BTC Loses $2.3 Million in Cyber-Attack

On December 3rd, one of the world’s most prominent crypto-mining tools, BTC, was hacked and lost over 2.3 million dollars in company losses and around 700k in client assets. Upon realization, the company’s officials reported the attack to authorities in Shenzhen, China, and an investigation began on December 26th. The threat actor is still unknown, but some of BTC’s assets have been recovered, and operations are running as usual.



Bizarre Facebook Hack Leads to Several Restaurants Money Loss

This month, multiple restaurants in Cincinnati, Ohio, have been at the hands of a Facebook hacking incident that led to monetary losses and being banned from the social media platform for good. The threat actor gained access to the restaurant’s Facebook accounts, bought ads, turning the money into Facebook ad currency that then could be used in other countries. If that wasn’t enough, the hacker proceeded to post inappropriate content getting the accounts banned for life and from ever using the platform to market their businesses again.

Via: WLWT5


Ransomware Attack on the Institute for Nuclear Research

Earlier this month, an attack on Russia’s Institute for Nuclear Research was hacked causing delays to its economic systems. Hackers penetrated the institute’s internal system using a malicious program that blocks and encrypts data stored on a computer system. The threat actor made their crime known via Twitter and demanded a ransom in return for the data.

Via: iDNES

For the complete list of cyber-attacks from December 2022, read more here.

Written by Samantha Parker

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January 1, 2023

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