Top FOUR Methods to be Used by Hackers in the Roaring 2020’s

The New Year will usher in the Roaring 2020’s and we all expect to see an big increase in malicious Cyber events because our external attack surface is growing as everyone’s business digitizes.
Cyber Attack Surface
Security teams and their budgets will continue to struggle to keep pace with this ever-changing landscape of smarter hackers who crave bigger and more profitable breaches.
According to Gartner, 1. Machine data collection and processing will explode which will make it easier to drive security decisions based upon exploitable vulnerabilities and tested weaknesses. And 2. Much of the typical day-to-day security operations grunt work will be automated, freeing the security team to work on protecting business assets/processes and focusing on high-priority events. This makes using a SOC-as-a-Service critical to keeping up with hackers, protecting your customers data and keeping regulators at bay.
Top FOUR Methods to be Used by Hackers in the Roaring 2020’s in our opinion include:

  1. Third-party data breaches will dominate the threat landscape: Cyber criminals will continue to target this weakest link
  2. External attack surface will continue to expand: Without control RESTful API and web services, hybrid cloud applications, and business-critical data hosted on external platforms
  3. Cloud misconfigurations will expose billions of records: We have seen exploited and misconfigured AWS S3 buckets, Docker, etc., Remember the Cloud is a Shared Security Responsibility, are you and your providers secure?
  4. Finally, Password re-use and phishing attacks will skyrocket: Cyber criminals prefer rapid and riskless raids to time-consuming APT attacks, costly 0days, or chained exploitation

2020 is a time for a SOAPA (Security Operations Analytics Platform Architecture) based SOC-as-a-Service or how we refer to it as a CyberSOC. An architecture like the below that is responsive and proactive will keep you secure and protect your confidential data from hackers while keeping regulators happy.
Agile1 SOAPA Architecture

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