Why XDR Increases Operational Efficiency for MSPs

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At its core, eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) is a holistic approach to threat detection, as it automatically detects and responds to multiple security layers all in one platform. Considering today’s ever-growing rate of new, complex security threats, it is vital for MSPs to use a security platform that allows them to monitor threats across multiple endpoints, cloud platforms, mobile devices and applications with efficiency. Today, it’s simply not enough for MSPs to implement advanced security, systems. These complex threats require efficient responses and monitoring across multiple organizations. 

Here are the top reasons MSPs can increase their operational efficiency by using XDR:

XDR integrations with remote endpoints, mobile devices, cloud platforms, and applications to correlate data and quickly find the source of a threat. 

Efficient, high-quality analytics sourced from the integration of security layers helps MSPs use data to quickly find the source of an attack and respond. The integration of data between security layers results in a rich understanding of data sources and also results in more accurate analytics compared to piecing together data from multiple sources without integrating them together. 

XDR delivers a more optimized set of alerts and reduces struggle to identify real threats

Weeding through the number of security alerts that can be triggered on any given day can be overwhelming. Even with a team of experienced engineers it can be quite time consuming and difficult to navigate through the numbers and identify true threats.

Since XDR integrates data across multiple sources, this results in more quality alerts and faster response times, allowing MSPs to combat the overwhelming number of alerts that may come their way.

Designed for MSPs

XDR was designed for MSPs with limited resources and time. XDR is fully automated in its investigations of infrastructure control points, email, networks, servers and endpoints to detect threats and their source. Additionally, XDR provides MSPs with a set of response actions to mitigate any threats detected. 

XDR resolves alerts quickly by using integrated incident response to gain context from various security components.

With phishing, malware, ransomware and other malicious threats growing more complex and advanced, it is necessary that solutions measure threats quickly and effectively. Comparatively to early Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions, XDR can measure and detect threats within a matter of seconds, compared to hours or days in the early days of EDR. With today’s threats, it is essential that MSP’s use solutions that have comprehensive prevention as a proactive measure, paired with a high-quality unified detection and response. If a solution’s detection content is roughly integrated with third parties, all it does is expand the scope. It doesn’t help you to correlate events and narrow down the source, let alone help you to quickly mitigate the threat. XDR uses an attack-focused approach as it helps MSPs assess an entire chain of events across multiple security layers to find and stop the source, all from one place.

It’s important to note that XDR solutions offer fully unified detection and response capabilities for it to truly be XDR. Simply using loose integration and info sharing with third parties is not true XDR.

XDR automation saves time and money by reducing repetitive tasks 

XDR automates data correlation from sensors that collect detection and activity data across multiple security layers, and even automates investigations. This is often where time is wasted, as MSPs may have to spend days investigating disconnected alerts that come their way. 

Using an XDR solution allows MSPs to focus on their top priorities and daily operations, without the worry of wasting time and money to keep their sensitive information secure. Therefore, in using an automated security management solution, MSPs can become more profitable by lowering their costs, increase their productivity–ultimately increasing their revenue stream.

AgileBlue provides its clients with an XDR solution that correlates, stitches, and integrates every layer of your technology stack into detect indicators of cyber-attacks. We do this by automating response with advanced threat detection using our anomalous machine learning, user behavior analytics, and vulnerability detection to maintain a complete view of your IT infrastructure. To learn more, request a demo with us.

Written by Samantha Parker

Samantha Parker is a Partner Marketing Specialist at AgileBlue. She is a proud graduate of Kent State University. Samantha currently serves part-time as a soldier in the Army National Guard.

March 17, 2022

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