AgileBlue Introduces AI-Powered SOAR, Cybersecurity Solutions

CLEVELAND, Ohio, December 12, 2023AgileBlue, a leading global innovator in AI-powered cybersecurity solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest advancements designed to elevate threat detection, response capabilities, and comprehensive cyber protection. With the release of Sapphire AI-Assistant and enhancements to its Cerulean platform, AgileBlue continues to push the boundaries of cybersecurity excellence.

Sapphire AI-Assistant represents a significant leap forward in threat detection and response. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, Sapphire offers unparalleled accuracy, boasting a remarkable detection rate of 98%. Its lightning-fast automated response capabilities ensure swift action in mitigating potential threats. Moreover, Sapphire provides personalized support, empowering users with tailored insights and guidance to bolster their cyber defenses.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to develop Sapphire AI-Assistant, recognizing the critical need for precision, speed, and customized support in today’s very dynamic cybersecurity landscape,” said Tony Pietrocola, President at AgileBlue. “We are excited to empower our clients with a solution that not only detects threats with exceptional accuracy but also orchestrates and responds swiftly while adapting to their specific cybersecurity requirements.”

In addition to Sapphire AI-Assistant, AgileBlue has fortified its Cerulean platform with a robust array of features. Cerulean now integrates a cloud-based Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), eXtended Detection and Response (XDR), AI-powered Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR), comprehensive vulnerability scanning, risk scoring algorithms, and both external and internal posture scans. Furthermore, the platform is supported by AgileBlue’s dedicated and U.S.-based 24/7 cybersecurity team, ensuring a human touch to every aspect of cybersecurity defense.

“We understand the challenges faced by organizations in managing multiple cybersecurity vendors, navigating complex solutions, and adhering to budget constraints,” remarked Pietrocola. “With Cerulean’s integrated platform, our clients can streamline their cybersecurity operations, reduce vendor complexity, alleviate headaches, and optimize their cybersecurity budget.”

AgileBlue’s commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions remains unwavering. The combined power of Sapphire AI-Assistant and the enhanced Cerulean platform reflects the company’s dedication to empowering organizations with cutting-edge cybersecurity capabilities.

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About AgileBlue

AgileBlue is a global AI-powered eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) and Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) platform that’s proven to detect cyber threats faster and more accurately across entire digital infrastructures and clouds. The company provides 24/7 monitoring, detection, and response to cyber threats. AgileBlue’s tech is intelligent and automated, but it takes a custom approach for every client, analyzing and detecting exactly what is needed. The products are 100% cloud-based including advanced machine learning and user behavior analytics backed by a team of cyber experts.


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Gillian Sweny, Director of Marketing

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Written by Gillian Sweny

Gillian is Director of Marketing at AgileBlue with over 13 years of experience in the marketing industry. Gillian resides in Cleveland, OH with her husband and 3-year-old son.

December 12, 2023

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