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AgileBlue + Farmers Edge Case Study

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As Farmers Edge has grown and expanded globally, their small IT team found it increasingly difficult to manage changes in their security posture. There was an urgent need for additional tools and in-house staff to help reduce workload and time. The company needed an external solution to augment and streamline its tools and existing operation into one secure platform. That’s where AgileBlue came in.

Our newest case study breaks down Farmers Edge’s security challenges, the results AgileBlue produced and the impact we had on their overall business. 

agileblue farmers edge case study

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AgileBlue Product Data Sheet

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AgileBlue is a SOC-as-a-Service platform that’s proven to detect cyber threats faster and more accurately across your entire digital infrastructure and cloud. We provide 24/7 monitoring, threat detection and response to identify a breach before it occurs. Learn more about our products.

Bridging the Gap with AgileBlue

Case Study

With the AgileBlue partnership, Communicloud’s goal to ensure their clients’ digital footprints were safe from sophisticated hacks around the clock was made possible. Our case study breaks down CommuniCloud’s security challenges, the results AgileBlue produced and the impact we had on their overall business.


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Our ROI Guide is written with the purpose to help you position our SOC-as-a-Service product to your leadership team. We’ve included thought leadership questions and answers, discussion topics that may arise and an easy ROI guide you can use while presenting.

What Cybersecurity Means to SMBs

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Did you know 1 in 323 emails to SMBs are malicious? The average office worker receives 121 emails in a single day. That means business owners are susceptible to more than one malicious email every three days.


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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) – though very similar acronyms- provides substantially different outcomes for cybersecurity teams. While EDR is more readily implemented into a security team’s existing toolset, XDR is far more effective at boosting teams’ ability to monitor, detect, and respond across the organizations full attack surface. Check out our comparison guide. 

Reasons You Need SOCaaS

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Global cybercrime has surged in 2021. 1,767 publicly reported breaches occurred within the first 6 months of the year. Have you considered outsourcing your cybersecurity operations? 

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