Earlier this month, Donald Trump signed the HIPAA Safe Harbor Bill into a law, which amends the HITECH act. Originally the bill was introduced over the summer and it received a great deal of support from both industry stakeholders and the senate who unanimously passed the bill in December. The new law requires HHS to consider an organization’s industry-standard security practices in the event that there is a breach in the system. This would mean smaller fines and shorter, less intrusive audits for organizations that follow standard security procedures. But, this doesn’t mean greater consequences for businesses that are found to not comply with all security standards. As cyberattacks against industries like healthcare have greatly increased over the past year, this new law is expected to bring more relief to organizations that have been targeted by hackers. In the past, organizations would face harsh penalties after a cyberattack even if they followed all of the cybersecurity guidelines. This new law encourages all organizations to follow cybersecurity best practices and ensures that consequences won’t be as severe in the event of a cyberattack.
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