Telehealth Cyber Risks Rise due to COVID-19

The American Medical Association (AMA) is warning telehealth providers of insider threats and cyberattacks as demand for service continues to rise. As COVID-19 cases spike along with other illnesses during this season, telehealth has become a popular option for people to safely receive care. But an influx in patients within the system has also led to strains on the security networks for telehealth services. These strained systems create more vulnerabilities, of which cyber criminals will take advantage. Insider threats are another major issue for telehealth providers as Ryuk variant has taken advantage of employees causing them to expose patients’ confidential information. Ransomware attacks on telehealth providers are harmful and costly not only to the staff but also patients.
The AMA created guidelines at the start of the pandemic to advise healthcare organizations on how to safely integrate telehealth systems into their network. They also advise healthcare providers to ensure that telemedicine platforms aren’t selling patient data if they’re offering their services for a low cost. Finally, it’s recommended that healthcare providers consult a legal team when trying to find a method for safely storing data from other telehealth vendors.
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