Endpoint Security with the Power of XDR

Experience the Power of Advanced Threat Detection and Response

With AgileBlue XDR and EDR, you’re not just getting advanced threat detection and response – you’re gaining a trusted partner in safeguarding your digital assets. Our intuitive platform combines real-time threat detection, automated incident response, and seamless integration for a comprehensive defense against cyber threats. Stay protected, stay ahead, and stay confident with AgileBlue XDR by your side. Our Cerulean helps to extend monitoring of the cloud, network, and devices by providing an additional layer of security for endpoints. With this layer of protection, we offer you the peace of mind you need, so you can rest easy.

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Unified Protection, Detection, and Guided Remediation

Go beyond blocking malware, ransomware, and advanced threats

Enhanced Visibility

AgileBlue monitors your environment with kernel-level data collection and purpose-built dashboards. So you can get to your threat intelligence data quicker.

Magnified Detection

We generate useful alerts by continuously correlating host activity with other environmental data. AgileBlue’s platform is customized for you by preparing for threats unique to your industry or environment.

Rapid Response

When your security is on the line, you can’t afford to react slow. Our analysts are empowered with detailed data from across your endpoints allowing them to respond to threats quickly.

XDR Benefits

eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) is a security technology that provides extended visibility, analysis, and response across networks and clouds in addition to apps and endpoints. XDR is a more sophisticated and advanced progression of endpoint detection and response (EDR) and includes:

Enhanced Logging and Correlation

    • Logging triggered from within the application (injection)
    • Event correlation-tying events together based on the initial triggering action
    • High fidelity events with additional event context


Anti-Virus Features

    • Runtime scanning based on signatures, Machine Learning models, and heuristic analysis
    • Ability to terminate a malicious process during the process runtime
    • Automated blocking and removal of the malicious file on execution
    • Ability to “Isolate” the device from the network to prevent lateral movement
    • Provide a lower false positive rate

Additional Benefits

    • Unified data correlations and collection from EDR, SOC, SIEM and SOAR
    • Analysis of both internal and external traffic
    • Aggregated data baseline for threat hunting
    • Fully automated correlation and alerting
    • Integrated threat intelligence
    • Machine learning-based detection
    • Automated response to cyber threats

Limitless Deployment That Works Anywhere

Prevent ransomware and malware while detecting advanced threats. Threats often dwell for months, exceeding the retention policies of many SOCs. AgileBlue enables practitioners to analyze years of data, appreciably improving your security posture.

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Looking for the Best Fit Solution to Your Organization? 

AgileBlue’s comparison chart helps alleviate the headache of searching and sorting through the seemingly endless cybersecurity solutions. Our comparison chart provides you with an overview of the cybersecurity landscape in comparison to our platform. We custom fit AgileBlue to you so you not only get the best technology, but the right technology for your organization.

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