Accelerate Your Cybersecurity Program 

AgileBlue’s Partner Program

Our relationship with our partners is how we define our success and direction as an organization. We are very proud to be part of this community and fully support our partners in the channel.

We’ve designed this program specifically to engage, enable, support, and reward your business growth. The program is relevant for all types of partners and helps to build your brand by offering a white-label security dashboard, marketing collateral, and purpose-built sales content.

How We Help Our Partners

Our focus is building the service that meets your and your clients’ requirements. We do this through transparency in our business practices, communication, flexibility, and our one-size does not fit all philosophy. We hope to become your trusted partner to grow and protect your customer relationships.

Client Risk Scoring

Monitor the activity your clients care about, ignore the stuff they don’t. We customize your AgileBlue experience to analyze and detect exactly what you need it to. Each client gets a custom Cyber Risk Score that makes their security easy to understand.

SOC Live Chat

We believe availability and accessibility are critical in supporting a SOC-as-a-Service offering. That’s why we have a live chat feature in our SOC portal. We even integrate with most 3rd party communication tools.

Custom Reporting

We know proving cyber risk is tough, and some clients don’t think they have a problem. To help our Partners, we provide monthly reporting, as well as recommendations and tuning of alerts. Benchmarking is also an important piece – we do that too.

Sales and Marketing

If you’ve got the best tech on your side, you want to tell prospective clients about it. We’ll help you market your business with webinars, events, and collateral. Need help with a product demo? We got you covered.



Get full visibility of your client’s data with our multi-tenant and white-label analytics portal. With real-time notifications and our silencer technology that boasts a 95% true positive rate, you can see under the hood of the SIEM and SOC activity.

Pooled Pricing

Security is a necessity; outrageous pricing is not. We give you fixed monthly costs with predictive revenue. Our pooled pricing model comes with no surprises and helps you provide services at scale.

What Our Partners Have to Say

“Our relationship with AgileBlue has been fantastic and we are very happy with them as an organization. Their customer service is wonderful, and their efficiency and expertise are excellent. The overall solution is great and valuable to our team.” – CIO, Enterprise Company

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Vation Ventures Channel Certified

Vation Venture Certified

AgileBlue is proud to be Vation Ventures’ Channel Certified. 

The Certification is a challenging evaluation that confirms an organization’s expertise in building and nurturing strong partnerships with the channel. 

Integrated Technology Partners

You give your clients the best of everything, so we give you an integrated cyber security operations center that can keep up. We pair well with market-leading commercial products and open-source technologies so you can rest assured that no endpoint goes unmonitored.

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