Widespread Endpoint Problem Targeting Healthcare

According to Malwarebytes Lab, the healthcare sector is the seventh-most targeted industry by cyber attackers. Experts expect healthcare’s ranking to rise in the next few years as hackers are adopting new techniques to gain access to devices and information. Cybercriminals see high value in the return on investment of an attack, and they are willing to go great lengths to obtain confidential information.
So what can healthcare institutions do to secure their devices and networks? Increased endpoint security is the answer. It’s crucial that physical and virtual actions are taken to ensure safety in the healthcare world and there are four tools that can help prevent threats and attacks:

  1. A tool that identifies suspicious behavior, infections, and attacks on your network.
  2. A tool that recognizes threats based on unusual behavior in conjunction with an educated staff to also report this behavior.
  3. A security tool to stop malware from obtaining data and monitor its effects on the network.
  4. A 24×7 team to alert and respond to threats in real-time.

Targeting endpoints that aren’t secure can be vital to keeping your devices and network secure. Learn more about how to keep your organization safe through this article.
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