AntiVirus is missing big threats…Here are 4 to keep your eye on.

It’s interesting how companies of all sizes believe they are covered because they have “really good AV (antivirus).”
Cyber Criminals are bypassing traditional AntiVirus software with attacks designed to hide within applications and networks. AntiVirus helps but it is starting to miss some very aggressive strategies to get around them and wreak havoc on your business. I am not going to write some monster dissertation on this topic but here are some things we are seeing getting around AV:
1. Malware used to convert machines into zombies crunching data for their benefit. You see this with cryptomining, etc.
2. RDP Hacking – Remote Desktop giving access to admin privilege.
3. Ransomware with machine learning exploits just waiting to take advantage of your behaviors. This can begin with Phishing emails.
4. Gaining root access through a deliberate and persistent series of methodical steps to grab credentials and take over.
Deploying a SOC-as-a-Service can help protect you against these cyber attacks. SOC’s can monitor all your end points, automate remediation and hunt these threats before they make their way into your networks.

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