Coronavirus and Cyberattacks Inundate Hospitals

As hospitals are seeing an increase in COVID-19 patients, they are also experiencing an influx in cybersecurity issues mainly pertaining to ransomware attacks. These cyberattacks have already proven to be deadly to patients who are unable to receive the care they need due to compromised hospital systems. Healthcare organizations are already inundated with patients making them more vulnerable to cyber attackers from criminal groups and nation states. Their main strategy for dealing with cyberattacks right now is paying ransom, which only helps organizations temporarily. While hospitals are able to retrieve their data after paying ransom, the money also helps cyber attackers gain more power and it rewards them to keep hacking.
Due to the growing concerns of hospital cyberattacks, a COVID-19 CTI League has been developed to help track cyberattacks targeting healthcare organizations. Marc Rogers, a cybersecurity executive is helping lead this group of over 1,000 information technology professionals. The goal of this group is to track and target where threats are originating and help defeat them with the help of law enforcement officials. As of now, investigators have traced hackers back to Russia and China, which has sparked even more cyber security efforts in countries like the U.S, Canada, and the U.K. Additional efforts in the U.S from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and other government organizations have also been implemented to keep the attacks at bay. 
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