Cybersecurity Becomes Main Concern for Third-Party Vendors

In the past year, third-party vendor security has proven to be a large concern as healthcare organizations have faced major data breaches due to the lack of security from their vendors. Cybersecurity should be the top priority for these vendors since a data breach against them could result in widespread damage for their clients. For example, earlier this year Blackbaud experienced a cyber attack, which exposed the private data of millions of patients from several healthcare organizations. They are still suffering the impact of the attack months later.
A key method to ensure that data is held securely within a larger organization is third-party assurance. This solution builds communication and trust between the organizations and vendors who usually have a distant partnership. Third-party assurance holds all parties accountable for their cybersecurity efforts and establishes policies for security requirements. Through third-party assurance, organizations and vendors are hoping to minimize the effects of data breaches and create more transparency within the partnerships.
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