How Cybersecurity Has Changed in Light of COVID-19

With an abrupt shift to digital work and education caused by COVID-19, systems were left with major vulnerabilities as people tried to adjust to the new normal. Unsecured networks and phishing schemes allowed hackers to gain access to confidential information in all sectors causing even more stress for employees. Other challenges include websites that deliver malware to users and distributed denial-of-service attacks on public organizations. The rise of these new issues can overwhelm chief information-security officers (CISOs) but they have learned to tackle these problems with four key practices.
The first practice involves focusing on key security and technology features to protect the organization. By building up these features, CISOs can be reassured that cyberrisks are being mitigated. In addition, CISOs should confirm that they have plans in place for incidents and network recovery and test them so that they can be confident about their cyberattack response. The third key practice involves consistent monitoring of networks to track all endpoints within an organization. Finally, balance is required for CISOs who are experiencing an influx in tasks and requests right now. By prioritizing important security measures they can protect their company and employees from cybercriminals.
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