Cyber criminals have rapidly worked to take advantage of the new landscape, targeting virtual private networks (VPNs), cloud service platforms, and remote workers in an effort to financially benefit from the pandemic.
Visibility, network access management, and automation are crucial to securing and building resilience to the healthcare infrastructure “Visibility and controls are the secret sauce.” Providers need better visibility to understand everything that’s connected to the network – including IOT, understanding and giving sufficient access to new devices, while making sure they are correctly and safely connected to the network according to Christopher Leonard, D.O. – CIO Vohra Wound Clinic.
“Given the connectivity of new devices introduced on the network, especially around telehealth, it will exacerbate the problem or even cause new cybersecurity issues.” “Especially with IoT in the medical space, it’s critical the devices are connected in a way that is safe and compliant, protecting patient data and patient safety.” The attack surface is larger, and critical, sensitive data remains vulnerable,” Leonard continued. “We’re going to be seeing a highly targeted industry.
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