Increase Gross Margins and Cyber Revenue with Autonomous SOC-as-a-Service

Cyber threats have grown more sophisticated and with a cyber talent shortage and rising costs, automation is key to a successful SOC. But do you have the tools, team and knowledge to do so while growing revenue 32%+ and maintaining margins exceeding 65%?
In this webinar we discuss a collaborative partner program with a leader in Autonomous SOC-as-a-Service to grow your cyber offering and create sticky recurring, high margin revenue.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn:

  • How the AgileBlue Managed Breach Detection platform enforces 90% true positives – say goodbye to troves of false positives and expensive analysts
  • CIO’s who don’t bring automation to their IT teams are going to lose their jobs, AgileBlue provides cyber automation
  • State of the Art analytics dashboard is one pane of glass for all cyber instrumentation
  • Earn 30%+ commissions in perpetuity as our average partner closes 3-5 deals in their first 60 days
  • White-label the platform and how to make it your service

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AgileBlue is a software company with an innovative SOC-as-a-Service for 24X7 network monitoring, cloud security, data privacy and compliance.

Our modern SOC-as-a-Service is built on innovative machine learning and autonomous execution. If you would like to discuss our SOC-as-a-Service, Partner Program or schedule a brief demo please give us a little info and we will contact you immediately.