SN Servicing Corporation, a mortgage loan servicing company, experienced a ransomware attack on its California and Vermont locations late last year. It’s reported that personal customer data from as early as 2018 was compromised during the attack and customers were advised to “remain vigilant” over the next couple of years as they review account statements. As a result, the company has started to implement more advanced features with AI into their cybersecurity infrastructure in order to avoid an attack of this capacity again.
While a ransomware variant hasn’t officially been identified, it’s believed that Egregor is responsible for the attack. Their website features many telling signs that they were responsible for the attack. While fairly new on the cybercrime scene, Egregor has quickly become a top ransomware threat to businesses within the past year. There is some speculation that the hackers behind the infamous Maze variant are now operating under Egregor as they employed many of the same tactics Maze used to use. Learn more here.
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