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Upgrade Your Subscription with Managed XDR|EDR and Integrated Vulnerability Scanning

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The AgileBlue Cerulean Platform offers enterprise-grade security for your business. Our platform goes beyond traditional SOC-as-a-Service, providing you with eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities as well as comprehensive vulnerability scanning. With the power of the full Cerulean Platform, you can rest assured that your business continues to be  protected from the latest threats.

Why AgileBlue Cerulean Platform in its Entirety? 

Reduce Vendors

Too many vendors can lead to complicated and costly management, so let’s focus on streamlining your resources. By reducing vendor sprawl we could save your organization time and money while still getting the same quality of services.

Correlate All Data

Take your data analysis to a whole new level with one machine learning platform that easily correlates all of your datasets into useful insights.

Lower Your Costs

Lowering your costs doesn’t have to mean cutting corners. With AgileBlue’s Cerulean Platform, you get the cost savings you need without compromising quality.

Free Installs

Let us take care of the heavy lifting. Our team will handle all installs for you, so that you can sit back and enjoy the power of AgileBlue Cerulean.

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One Dashboard

Gain complete control of your data with one centralized dashboard. Our dashboard is designed to give you an easy and efficient overview of all your data in one place.

Special Pricing

Because you’re already an AgileBlue customer, you can take advantage of exclusive discounted rates. Just ask our team for our infomation!

Time to Level Up Your Security

XDR and EDR provide unparalleled visibility and enhanced detection of malicious activity. eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) focuses on the entire attack surface, while Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is deployed at a machine level to gain detailed insights into the behavior of malicious software. Both solutions integrate with AgileBlue’s machine learning algorithms to automate the detective work and provide a more integrated platform than for our customers.




With AgileBlue’s vulnerability scanning and the use of our machine learning and an integrated platform, we can not only keep track of newly discovered vulnerabilities, but we are also proactive in mitigating existing risks. By implementing vulnerability scanning, your organization can benefit from detailed real-time insight into your security weaknesses, making it easier for you to prioritize remediation efforts and reduce the risk of being breached.




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