Tackling Cybersecurity Challenges with SOC-as-a-Service

Discover how you can experience all the capabilities of a next-generation SOC without the cost and headache of managing one yourself. President, Tony Pietrocola of AgileBlue joins Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Hill of CommuniCloud, where they discuss:

  • How you can save time and money while improving security.
  • How cyber-attacks are always on the horizon but SOC as-a-Service can see them coming from a mile away.
  • How SOC as-a-Service turns major vulnerabilities into nothing more than predictable annoyances.

Written by Gillian Sweny

Gillian is Director of Marketing at AgileBlue with over 13 years of experience in the marketing industry. Gillian resides in Cleveland, OH with her husband and 3-year-old son.

April 30, 2021

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