The Biden administration has placed a strong focus on cybersecurity this year, releasing multiple updates about how they plan to strengthen cybersecurity infrastructure. So far, 2021 has exposed many cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the U.S with the Colonial Pipeline and JBS ransomware attacks affecting important infrastructure in the country. These cyberthreats will only continue to get worse unless actions are taken to secure the networks of critical infrastructure and provide guidance to both private corporations and government entities. Last Wednesday, Biden signed a national security memorandum that will strengthen the cybersecurity in national infrastructure and protect against future large scale cyberattacks.

Outlined in the memo are additional guidelines to safeguard both government organizations and private sectors. The memo also established an Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Initiative that is meant to be a collaborative program between the Federal Government and the important infrastructure networks in the U.S. Cybersecurity goals have also been set up for all of the sectors that make up the country’s infrastructure so that everyone has an understanding of baseline cybersecurity needs. As the plans in this memo are put to action, there are hopes for stronger networks and less interactions with cyber criminals.

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