Boost Your Cybersecurity Strength: Tips to Maximize Your Cyber Risk Score

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The cost of cybercrime continues to rise thanks to costly data breaches, leading organizations to increase their focus on cyber risk management initiatives. Cyber risk scores are an important part of the equation – they provide an accurate evaluation and assessment of your current security posture – yet few know how things like strategies or processes can impact them. Knowing this information, however, can be pivotal in understanding when threats arise so that you can more effectively respond by instituting preventative measures designed to mitigate both effectiveness and severity.

In this blog post we will go through some essential tips that can help any organization maximize their cyber risk score while also providing insight into what proactive measures will best protect them from potentially crippling attacks or data breaches.

Keep Your Software and Operating Systems up to Date

The further software and operating systems are from their initial release date, the more vulnerable they become. Keeping software and operating systems up to date can be inconvenient, however it is essential for your cybersecurity strength. Often, new versions repair flaws that may be exploited, and keeping your software up-to-date means that patches that address these vulnerabilities are added regularly.

Execute a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Plan

A comprehensive cybersecurity plan should be tailored to the specific risks faced by an organization. Ideally, it will include a variety of measures, including technical controls such as encryption, user authentication, and access control lists; administrative procedures such as provisioning/de-provisioning practices and employee training; and physical security controls like monitoring data center access. To ensure the effectiveness of the plan, the plan should be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary. Establish a way to quickly detect and respond to cybersecurity threats, such as implementing an incident response plan. Finally, measure your performance against industry standards to ensure that your cybersecurity measures remain effective.

Implement Stronger Passwords

This may seem like a simple one, however the use of weak passwords happens more often than you’d think. Week passwords can leave your system vulnerable to an attack and make it easier for cybercriminals to gain access to your organization’s digital assets. As such, it’s essential to implement stronger passwords and enforce them regularly. Use a combination of symbols, numbers, and letters, with both upper and lowercase to create unique and challenging passwords that make it harder for hackers to decipher.

Educate Staff About Cybersecurity Best Practices

The lack of cybersecurity awareness among employees can be a huge risk to your overall cyber risk score. In a report from Cofense, they analyzed data from 35 million people worldwide and found there has been a 569% in phishing attacks in 2022. The responsibility falls on organizations and their security leaders to train employees on the form of security vulnerabilities. It is crucial to ensure that employees understand the risks associated with handling sensitive data and are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect company assets. Some cybersecurity best practices that should be included in staff education programs include strong password management, identifying and avoiding phishing attacks, regularly updating software and security systems, using secure networks and devices, and being vigilant about suspicious activity.

Monitor Network Activities Regularly for Suspicious Activity

Monitoring network activities regularly for suspicious activity is a critical component of any organization’s cybersecurity strategy. By tracking network traffic and analyzing data logs, IT security teams can identify and respond to potential security threats before they cause significant damage. Suspicious activity can include unusual logins, unauthorized access attempts, and unusual data transfers. Regular network monitoring can also help to identify vulnerabilities in the system and highlight areas that require additional security measures. It is important to establish clear policies and procedures for network monitoring and ensure that employees are aware of the importance of reporting any suspicious activity.


Cybersecurity is a complex and global challenge that demands due diligence. By implementing these suggested tips, you will be able to significantly raise your cyber risk score. Keeping software and systems updated with the latest cyber security patches, having a comprehensive cybersecurity plan in place, setting stronger passwords, educating personnel about the best practices for cybersecurity and monitoring for suspicious activities can give you an edge when it comes to protecting your data from cyber attackers. If successfully implemented, these tips can boost your cybersecurity strength significantly and make it difficult for cybercriminals to reach your data.

If you’re seeking additional assurance on improving your cyber risk score or would simply like to ensure that all of your data is as secure as possible – get in touch with our team! AgileBlue is an autonomous SOC|SOAR platform proven to detect threats before a breach. Fill out a form below and someone will be in touch with you promptly!

Written by Peter Burg

Peter Burg is Director of Business Development at AgileBlue, partnering with organizations who are looking for ways to make IT and cybersecurity work. Peter currently resides in Minnesota and is a big baseball fan.

April 17, 2023

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